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Who is Gregg B. Smithwww.youtube.com/watch?v=mxbSF2iRY8Y 

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They have terrorized a neighborhood and the relatives of those burried in SeaSide Cemetery.

The Kerr Brothers crash the SS REEB Millwork Corporation onto the rocks in Lanesville.

Three judges have ruled that the Senns, Kerrs and the Reeb Millwork Corporation have violated the Civil and Constitutional Rights of Gregg B. Smith, and they will soon be facing Federal Criminal charges as well as their attorney Robert Pierce.

We want to thank Judge Thomas Billings for protecting our rights of freedom of the press and speech after the Senns and Kerrs hired Robert Pierce to engage in obstruction of justice, victim/witness intimidation. fraud and perjury to hide what they have done. Apparently the Kerr Brothers no longer wish to own the REEB MILLWORK CORPORATION, and would rather act like spoiled, violent little children. The Senns and Kerrs of Wyckoff N.J. and Reeb Millwork, hired Attorney Robert Pierce with their trust fund to hide everything that has happened in the Tide Rock Project and in their personal lives, but he failed, and they need to start apologizing to the neighborhood and the court, or they will be using their trust fund to try to stay out of prison. Our Homes and the lives of our children are at stake. Soon the Senns and Kerrs will be criminally charged with Fraud, Conspiracy, Victim/Witness Intimidation, Perjury, Failure to Appear, Grand Larceny, and Federal Constitutional Violations.

REEB Millwork Employee Reviews on Indeed.com

''Poor Leadership and Stressful'' Office Worker (Former Employee), Smithfield Rhode Island- May 14Th, 2013

Pros: "There aren't any."

Cons: "Way too many to list"

''Management was very unprofessional from the corporate office down to the individual locations. Very corporate as they do NOT care about the employee no matter how much they tell you they do. Overworked and underpaid, no consistancy in policies, which by the way, are completely ridiculous. Morale is non-existent because of the high demands they continually put on employees.''

"Indentured Servitude and Total Disregard For Employee Contributions" Door Assembly (Former Employee), Bethlehem, PA - May 24, 2013

''Pros: above average starting pay''

''Cons: Never give raises, mandate hours penalties''

''Manipulative corporate attitude to use warehouse employees as human robots pushed to limits with immediate overtime demands (no prior notice) countered by no-work (or pay) days to prevent paying overtime within the same week. Points system manipulated to control worker behavior and deny benefits to those who speak out. No ability to advance or acquire new skills; company only wants those that will except erratic work hours, no raises and bend to company mandates without question. They are forced to use temp workers in many cases because of high turnover - do not apply here.'' 

GlassDoor.com Employee Review Of REEB Millwork Co.

"Remember....this is a business.....always looking for that profit'' Current Employee in Mocksville, NC Sep 27, 2012

''overtime is required, though not equipped as well'' ''HR department is to political. Have taken the ''human'' out of HR.'' ''pay freeze since opening new location.''

''Advice to Senior Management - benefits should be the same company wide, shouldn't take away holidays that other locations have'' ''no pay increases, hard to motivate and do more for no reward. Negative outlook on employees when compared to other locations aren't equipped equally with the same training, cannot perform on the same level." ''Current Employee I have been working at REEB Millwork full-time for more than 5 years.''


Jeff Worthley talks about Tide Rock and Gregg Smith http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rId9duZBf5U

"The Executive Board of the Gloucester Police Patrolman's Association wishes to extend their thanks and appreciation to those members of the Gloucester Police Superior Officer's Association, Gloucester Firefighters Local 762 IAFF and the Citizens for Public Safety   (Save Cape Ann), for their support during the Gloucester City Council Meeting held this evening." Tuesday, January 23, 2007  www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nWJCs6hMQM



Please watch Peter Prybot Gloucester Daily Times Reporter (Lawrence Eagle Tribune) asking the Gloucester Planning Board to end the intense suffering inflicted upon our neighborhood by the Kerr's (The Tide Rock Developers) this is just after a quick clip of the Tide Rock salamander http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8sv0xb8QdE ,

Please watch Fisherman Joe Roderick give his opinion in regard to the New Jersey Developers plans to bulldoze the forest preserved through the efforts of Gregg's grandfather Albert Crothers Smith in 1953.

Joe Roderick - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9cOl-sKYY4

A grateful thank you to Court Reporter John Lynch for his diligent work in proving REEB MILLWORK Attorney Robert Pierce Lied to Judge Kathe Tuttman. Thank You John! You Saved Us! Also thank you to Justice Kathe Tuttman for her recent ruling protecting our rights.

Please watch the Aquatic Tide Rock Salamander and then Fisheries Reporter Peter Prybot talk about the Tide Rock history and the suffering inflicted upon the neighborhood - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8sv0xb8QdE

Citizens For Public Safety

Russell Hobbs - HobbsRm@ aol.com ,  James Oliver - ICapeMan@Hotmail.com

Citizens For Public Safety President Doug Shatford - shellyshat@adelphia.net 

Vice President Jamie O'Hara - ohara525@hotmail.com

John Coggeshall Studio threatened by the Tide Rock Developers. The Senn's and Kerr's of (Wyckoff N.J. and the Reeb Millwork Corporation) are planning construction above this historic building that would threaten  it further. This is just one of the endless numbers of reasons not to destroy the forest, wetlands and cemetery border. There was an exihit of glass plate photographs taken by John Coggeshall at the Lanesville Community Center on March 18th with Jon MacDonald doing the presentation. Please see the video below for a view of the present flooding isues that will be worstened by the development as testified by an independent engineer for the city.

Flooded John Coggeshall Studio below the Tide Rock Woods http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpblX_crgL8

Historic Pictures of Lanes Cove -  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b43pl40L4Qw 


"The GPPA Executive Board are firm believer's in First Amendment Rights to the US Constitution and will not be intimidated by those who seek to prevent those rights from being exercised!!!" December 25th 2006

Russell Hobbs talks to N.E.C.N.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Mgl0UWIUaI

Check out our videos on www.CapeAnnVernalPond.org

Gregg Smith Videos Essex County D.A. Jonathan Blodgett - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvhqSCJvtfo

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_DE7PHL-78  Help Save Seaside Cemetery from the Kerr Brothers!

Tide Rock Public Notice- Lots 40 and 41 are the property of Gregg B. Smith per agreement of January 1984, with due regard for the first refusal agreement in 1985 with Russell and Mellisa Hobbs for lot 40.

Gloucester Fire Department-See Russell Hobbs in this NECN Video on the list under the video screen. http://www.boston.com/news/necn/

NECN , CH 4, Globe North and others have copies of our TV Show Saving Cape Ann and our SaveCapeAnn.com Bumper Stickers.

What ever happened to Fred Hoffman after his company Midland Park Coal and Lumber Company evolved into Reeb Millwork  Corporation, through his son inlaw Tom Kerr SR.. http://tarlton.law.utexas.edu/dawson/cases/taxes/hoffman.htm

 BirchTrees Picture at -  http://www.followthegleam.com/tiderock/tiderock_000.htm

Save Cape Ann Cares About Kids! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmznTf5SKzU

We also won,

The Home Town Video Awards in 2003

New England Cable Television Awards 2004

New England Cable Television Award 2005

Gloucester Civic and Garden Council Award 2003

We Promote charities throughout New England and Gregg's filmwork has played over 3,000 times in Ma., NH. and Vermont such as www.BayPathHumane.org and Cocker Spanial Rescue of New England www.CSRNE.org , but especially www.CapeAnnAnimalAid.com and are helping them build a new $2,500,000 shelter.


                  The friends of Cape Ann Animal Aid are on a mission to raise enough money to build a new shelter, 1.9 million dollars to be exact.  Their goals are set high, as reflected in their mission statement: “Cape Ann Animal Aid is a non-profit, no kill organization dedicated to facilitating appropriate placement of adoptable animals and enhancing the lives of all companion animals by promoting respect and well-being through education and outreach.”  In 2002, CAAA found homes for about 230 animals. Now, only a few years later, CAAA took in 623 animals in one year.  Every animal that leaves the facility is spayed or neutered, thus never contributing to the pet overpopulation problem.
     “Our presence on the Internet at www.capeannanimalaid.com has not only increased our visibility to help us place animals far beyond Cape Ann, but has also allowed us to find wonderful homes for previously unplaceable animals.  We also have the opportunity to help dogs from less fortunate parts of the country, where overabundance means that even healthy stray dogs are likely to be euthanized within a few days,” explains Andy Klickstein, board member.
     Since 1964, the small grassroots organization, supported only by private contributions of money and time, has worked to ensure that no cat or dog brought to the shelter will suffer from neglect or abuse for want of a safe haven.  In the ensuing years, Cape Ann Animal Aid has rescued and found homes for thousands of cats and dogs, both on and off Cape Ann. CAAA was a “no-kill” shelter long before that phrase was coined. Difficult to place senior and special-needs animals have spent months and sometimes years at the shelter until the right home could be found. As a puppy, Sadie, a deaf Dalmatian, spent five months at the shelter until she found her forever home.  Today, thanks to CAAA’s dedication, she is the reigning “Dalmatian Princess of West Gloucester”. Yet despite many years of service at the tiny headquarters on Main Street and the thousands of animals placed in happy homes, many people don’t even know there is an animal shelter on Cape Ann.
Tom Farina, B.O.D. president, is leading his board of directors, all volunteers including himself, during a major transition for the shelter. “We need the help of all friends of animals.  Our new facility will allow us to serve more animals in a safer and more progressive way.”  A new facility will ensure enough space to properly quarantine sick animals, isolate mothers with litters to keep them healthy, and give families the opportunity to meet and interact with the cats and dogs they may want to adopt.  Older cats will be able to get a little bit further away from the bustle of the cat room. Special animals like Safia—a sweet dog brought to the shelter through the Save-A-Sato organization with a medical condition requiring surgery --- will have adequate recovery and exercise space. While at the shelter, Safia underwent an operation to correct her condition and found a home through the shelter’s efforts.  “Kennels will be large enough so that dogs that are at the shelter a bit longer don’t get stressed. There will be enough outdoor supervised play and recreation areas for all the dogs to get outside for play,” sighs Sunniva Buck, the shelter manager, who, with the help of her extremely small, overworked, and underpaid staff, is working miracles. A new shelter would provide the space and proper facilities needed to expand CAAA’s programs.
     Of the 1.9 million dollars needed, $200,000 has been raised to date. In addition, the Dusky Foundation has committed $100,000 to the project and Mattuchio Construction has committed to donating site work services for the project.  “It is going to take the support of this community and those that we have served and continue to serve to support this venture. Many people ask when we will begin construction. We can only begin when we have received sufficient financial support from those in the Cape Ann and surrounding communities,” reminds Cindy Dunn, B.O.D.Capital Campaign committee chair. “We are the animals’ shelter; the people of these communities are their future,”                                       
     Sandy Mitchell—a  tireless volunteer, shelter foster “parent,” and board member who, according to other members, has done an incredible job in bringing caring people into the circle of friends of CAAA—sums it up best, “It’s all about the animals, giving them a chance to live out their lives in safe and loving homes. They give so much and ask so little and they are totally dependent on us.”     Our new slogan for the Capital Campaign is “We are their shelter, you are their future”.  Please help us make the dream come true by sending your tax-deductible donation to:

Cape Ann Animal Aid Building Fund
260 Main St.
Gloucester, MA  01930


Annisquam Bayview          http://geocities.com/abwoodlands

We need the Essex County District Attorney's Office to investigate all aspects of the Tide Rock Project and the activities of Robert Pierce in order to protect the Constitutional and Civil Rights of  Gregg B. Smith and all those concerned and effected by the Tide Rock project, proposed along the left hand side of the Locust Grove Seaside Cemetery. We need all those who care, to continue to publicize these matters in order for us to get the proper justice we deserve. Our neighborhood has spent over $100,000 in the past twelve months trying to protect ourselves. This is truly not our responsibility though. It is the responsibility of the Essex County District Attorney.

Robert Pierce has defamed the character of  Gregg. B. Smith in order to silence the entire community on the tide rock issue. Please watch this video and ask yourself, who is telling the truth. Gregg Smith has done so much for the community, and his life, honesty, and integrity is an open book. Gregg Smith won the Gloucester Civic and Garden Council Award in 2003 for many things including his work publicising what happened at Tide Rock.

Who is Gregg B. Smith - www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxbSF2iRY8Y 

RULE 4.1 TRUTHFULNESS IN STATEMENTS TO OTHERS In the course of representing a client a lawyer shall not knowingly:

(a) make a false statement of material fact or law to a third person; or

(b) fail to disclose a material fact to a third person when disclosure is necessary to avoid assisting a criminal or fraudulent act by a client, unless disclosure is prohibited by Rule 1.6.



[1] A lawyer is required to be truthful when dealing with others on a client's behalf, but generally has no affirmative duty to inform an opposing party of relevant facts. A misrepresentation can occur if the lawyer incorporates or affirms a statement of another person that the lawyer knows is false. Misrepresentations can also occur by failure to act.

Statements of Fact

[2] This Rule refers to statements of fact. Whether a particular statement should be regarded as one of fact can depend on the circumstances. Under generally accepted conventions in negotiation, certain types of statements ordinarily are not taken as statements of material fact. Estimates of price or value placed on the subject of a transaction and a party's intentions as to an acceptable settlement of a claim are in this category, and so is the existence of an undisclosed principal except where nondisclosure of the principal would constitute fraud.

Fraud by Client

[3] Paragraph (b) recognizes that substantive law may require a lawyer to disclose certain information to avoid being deemed to have assisted the client's crime or fraud. In paragraph (b) the word "assisting" refers to that level of assistance which would render a third party liable for another's crime or fraud, i.e., assistance sufficient to render one liable as an aider or abettor under criminal law or as a joint tortfeasor under principles of tort and agency law. The requirement of disclosure in this paragraph is not intended to broaden what constitutes unlawful assistance under criminal, tort or agency law, but instead is intended to ensure that these rules do not countenance behavior by a lawyer that other law marks as criminal or tortious. But see the special meaning of "assistance" in the context of a lawyer's appearance before a tribunal in Comment 2A to Rule 3.3.

Corresponding ABA Model Rule. Identical to Model Rule 4.1.

Corresponding Former Massachusetts Rule. DR 1-102, DR 7-102; see also DR 1-103.

Who is Gregg B. Smith - www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxbSF2iRY8Y 

What ever happened to Fred Hoffman after his company Midland Park Coal and Lumber Company evolved into Reeb Millwork  Corporation, through his son inlaw Tom Kerr SR.. http://tarlton.law.utexas.edu/dawson/cases/taxes/hoffman.htm

Please note reference to Real Estate Division

What the Senn's, Kerr's and REEB MILLWORK CORPORATION is trying to do, threatens the rights of all americans, and especially the reporters of our nation. When this story hits the national press the REEB MILLWORK is finished, along with any court official who has helped them, or acted wrongly. The press will eat them alive!

Events this weekend at Tide Rock have led to us having to remind everyone concerned, of the ruling by Judge Thomas Billings, protecting our rights of freedom of the press and speech. Apparently the Kerr Brothers no longer wish to own the REEB MILLWORK CORPORATION, and would rather act like spoiled, violent little children. Their trust fund has failed to hide everything that has happened, and they need to start apologizing to the neighborhood and the court, or they will be using their trust fund to try to stay out of prison. Please see this link to understand what they are doing to daddy's company.